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The 5 Simple Ways To Stay Fit Sans The Gym


Fitness and health always go hand-in-hand, where you cannot expect the presence of one without the other, and this, also easily shows, how by following one thing, you can easily attain the other.


For example, when you are trying to be healthy, you automatically resort to healthy habits like clean eating, clean habits, and simple exercises or physical activities that ideally leads to your fitness. And, in the same way, when you aim for a fit body, you undeniably engage in hard-core exercises, guided physical activities and, at the same time, follow clean eating and clean habits that make sure you have a fine and solid health, always. Thus, fitness and health are, kind of inseparable twins and together, they can create magic, not only in your body but also in your mental health and social well-being.


When we talked about the important requisites for being fit or being healthy, the exercises or the physical activities were significantly present in both the cases that only shows how they are highly required for our healthy and carefree living. Sadly, not many people these days understand the importance of exercising every day and instead, provide silly excuses to substantiate their ignorant and reckless behavior.


Or, if there are people who understand the value of regular exercising to stay fit and healthy, they always think that the gym is the ultimate destination to realize it and end up not meeting their fitness goals when they have some unavoidable circumstances that restrict their journey to the gym or due to their stringent budget limit for that month, which would be preventing their gym visit, altogether. If you are the ones, who think the gym is your only area to realize your fitness and health goals, then you are certainly mistaken. There are a number of significant and versatile ways to stay healthy sans the gym, of which the following 5 are highly suitable for anybody who would love to pursue fitness as their lifetime activity bodygearguide.com.


The 5 simple physical activities to stay fit





Almost everybody could resort to this simple, yet, efficient physical activity without many restrictions, as it doesn’t involve any strenuous or hard-core movement that might not be suitable for certain people having specific health issues. Walking for 20 minutes a day would benefit your heart and at the same time spirit up your mood and maintain your weight when you perform it as your routine activity. Also, one can event resort to walking with a group of like-minded people to enjoy some company and keep alive the motivation factor. If you cannot walk outside due to some unavoidable issues like weather conditions, you could even try walking on the spot, at your home, listening to music to evade the monotony.




Both indoor and outdoor sports are not only the best ways to bond with your pals but also the ideal ways to keep you fit and healthy. When I say indoor games, don’t think about the carom-board or playing cards, these, although may lighten your moods, could never contribute towards your fitness goals. Hence pick such indoor activities like the table-tennis, ice-skating, floor hockey etc. that would help you to maintain your fitness and health, always.




Cycling is one such activity that we not only cherish as a child but also when we grow up, as cycles act as the proxy wings that take us to our favorite nearby destinations thrillingly. When you cycle, your lower body gets toned up, especially your thighs and legs making them stronger and more fit adequately. Also, it is one of the best ways to burn your stubborn calories that ultimately lead to your healthy weight maintenance.




While extensive running requires some specific set of preparations, as careless running could cause issues to your ligaments and tendons, nevertheless, one can adopt to slow, short-time running daily to improve your cardiovascular fitness and at the same time maintain the overall body weight by killing the adamant kilojoules.


Home fitness equipment


So, what if you cannot go to the gym, bring the gym to your home by procuring budget-friendly, yet, effective fitness equipment, which you can easily use in your homes by following fitness videos that are abundantly available free of cost in the powerful social media sites. Dumbbells, kettlebells, jumping ropes, resistive bands could be ideal for all your basic fitness expectations like the strength training, balancing, weight training, toning etc.


without costing much of your money or most of your home’s space. But, when you feel some discomfort while exercising using these gears, then, either you are doing it wrong or you are overdoing them, which only means that you should stop doing the activity right away and find out, what’s the issue and address it appropriately.